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Mago Maga Coffee Bean Roaster


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Roma Pro: World’s Largest Capacity Home Coffee Bean Roaster

300g Capacity | Flavour Personalization | Auto & Manual Modes | Reliable Consistency and Quality


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Boost Your Experience

Unlock variable batch size and roast between 50g and 300g. Reduce wastage or get more roasts out of your coffee. Roast every day or once a week for your home. Scale the batch size to suit your sample size rather than wasting green or compromising on quality.

Explore New Flavors

Roast Pro lets you craft personalized coffee. With advanced sensors, experiment with the different bean origins, roasting periods, mixes, and flavors to discover a new side of coffee, from the first crack to the French roast. Discover a world of possibilities right in your own home.




Automatic and Manual Modes for All Coffee Lovers

Featuring both automatic and manual modes, Roma Pro empowers both beginners and experienced baristas to master the art of roasting. With five customizable levels, you can achieve the perfect roast from light to dark. Add a scoop of your favorite green beans, press start, and you can enjoy freshly roasted coffee in just 12 minutes.

Master Consistency and Precision

Capture and recreate your favourite flavours with ease, taking control of your coffee's quality at anytime. Roma Pro coffee roaster offers precise flavour replication through comprehensive record-keeping, eliminating the variability associated with skill levels.

Indulge in Freshness

Roast Pro offers a unique experience, unlike pre-ground coffee, ensuring your beans are always fresh. Enjoy the vibrant flavors of coffee roasted on demand in less than 10 minutes – perfect for fresh brewing at home, cupping sessions, or sharing with friends and family, enhancing your social moments.

Roast Your coffee Like A Professional

Unlock Your Coffee Roasting Mastery with Roma Pro's Real-Time Data Tracking. Monitor and refine your roast in real-time through an intuitive display, elevating your coffee's flavor profile to new heights.

Your Compact Solution to Home Roasting

Embrace the art of coffee roasting right in your kitchen with our space-saving roaster. Designed for the home, it offers the sophistication of industrial roasters in a compact, user-friendly size, making every roast an easy and enjoyable experience.